Saturday, November 27, 2010

THE NEW YORK DIARIES: Waking up in Manhattan.

And we are back, after a short break to get things back in order.
{warning: this is a post full of pictures. and not all great pictures. but pictures of famous people so its fine}

We continue onto the second day of our trip with the arrival of past-NY-resident, and our tour guide, Karli.
I woke up to a text from Karli saying,
"Rosie! Wake up! You're in Manhattan!"

this made me glad, and also reminded me that yes indeed, I was in Manhattan.

We arose early and I worried and worried over my outfit, oh but of course.
Finally settling on something, I set off to face the world of Teen Vogue.
First day of University!

After getting breakfast at a little mart with mother and Karli, we went and checked in.

We sat and ate our yogurt and (very crumbly) muffins, while we looked over the papers, schedule, swag, and people watched. It was funny to see the people with their parents and an occasional sibling. The people with a group of friends. The people with just their mothers. And all sorts of other scenarios.

Then, I waved au revoir to Karli and my mama, and set off to find a seat inside, for the first speaker.
Do you want to know who the first speaker was?

(In case you don't understand the momentous occasion that is, she is the editor in chief of American Vogue. Subject of this movie, The September Issue, and considered one of (if not the) most important people in the industry. For realzz.)

So anyways. I snagged a seat one row from the very back in the balcony. But I was lucky, some people didn't even get a seat. It was crowded. We all love Anna Wintour too much. After opening ceremonies by Amy Astley (Editor of Teen Vogue) and the publishers etc of Vogue and Teen Vogue. It was the moment we had all been waiting for. Everyone held their in breathes, and held up their cameras and phones....

Amy Astley,  Editor, Teen Vogue

um. I'm so embarrassed to say that I can't remember her name. Don't worry I'll find it.

and then...

It was then time for Q&A so Amy Astley stepped in as well.

apologies about the head, but Anna Wintour needed a coffee break.

After she left everyone was in shock and awe at how nice she actually was.
Still intimidating, but very positive and encouraging!

It was then time for everyone to split into classes, mine was with designer...

About Erin: She has just designed a collection for Juicy Couture, which hadn't been released at the time, but is now available. My favorite of her collections is this one. And I feel like we are somehow best friends because they linked this blog post of mine on their facebook. (thank you!)

This time, I got a better seat, and they even gave us all a little Juicy gift! I was most excited to see Erin, and she turned out to be one of my favorites! She was smart. She was sweet. She was inspirational. And then I decided that when I grow up, I want to work at Erin Fetherston somehow. 


the stage is set.

oh hello! 

the dress in the photo, is the dress on the stage. It is beautiful.
note: bottom left corner, all the cameras.

Are you getting bored? Photo overload? Hang in there!

Next, we headed across the street to the Conde Nast building for our next class with several well-known bloggers...

Jane & Judy Aldridge, 
Hanneli Mustaparta, 
and Phil Oh

(from left) Interviewer, Jane, Judy, Phil, Hanneli.

my view. 
PS I loved Hanneli's dress.
 And then we were free for a lunch break.
So I'll take a break now too.

DAY 1 PART 1- complete
DAY 1 PART 2- coming right up!

xo Rosie

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