Thursday, December 23, 2010

miss diana makes a comeback.

I finally scanned these in, after I finally went and got them developed, after I finally finished the roll of film. Poor Diana had to use the same roll for like three months. SO, I've got pics of a fall canyon drive, New York, and In-n-Out! Oh, and this little project I did by myself one day, but that's been needing a post all of its own for a while, so I'll reserve those for later. The bottom line is that this singular roll spans a lot of months. Here you are...

In-n- Out isn't fun any more ever since it came to Utah. No more exclusively Californian memories. I'm sad about it.


These are the only Dianas from NYC. Which is sad too. I hauled all my Diana and Instax stuff there, and only ended up with two Dianas and one Pola. Maybe next time!
They all turned out really really light grey, but you know, that Diana is so unpredictable!!


PS: this is the best thing I've heard in a while.
But it's not Christmas music, so don't be sad.


Miss P said...

Where do you get these developed?

Rosie said...

Hello Miss P! I go to Allens Camera in American Fork, but they usually have to send my Dianas to their Orem store (which is perfectly fine, I think it just takes an extra day). It was certainly tricky to find somewhere that developed 120 film! Best of luck! -Rosie

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would like try a Diana camera sometime..

Bridget said...

so, i clicked over from nie nie (surprise surprise) but then stayed awhile because i love your header and your pictures and in n out and there you have it.

thanks :)