Monday, April 18, 2011

Board of Spring

That was clever!

Today I had a Fashion Board meeting up at the mall (PS: they are still accepting applications for next years board through April 20 something, 23rd? I go to the Fashion Place Mall... So JOIN and tell them I sent you!) Anyhow, our little assignment for the week was to make Spring Break trend boards and stuff like that, and I thought it would be nice to share mine with you. Without further ado...!


Everyone already knows that I'm a fan of this look, but here's my board.


This kind of comes around every spring/summer, but I've been especially loving mixed prints like dots on dots, stripes on stripes, florals on florals, and a mix of all those together. Tip: Feel free to mix same prints but be sure keep it toned down by having a matching neutral in both patterns when it comes to dots (white dots on orange and white dots on black, or pink dots on black and white dots on pink...) and vary the size of the print when it comes to stripes and florals (wide stripes with skinny stripes, large florals with ditsy florals).

Then, during the meeting we got to make boards out of magazines (which was fun because I never cut up my magazines, too much good stuff to save!)  And so here is the board I made today...

(cool web-cam picture = reversal of images!)

I hope you all had a nice Monday, and are headed into a nice week!
XO Rosie

PS: I promise (harhar) that I have more prom posts coming!
I know my school's Prom is really close so I'll get those up real fast!

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