Wednesday, June 15, 2011

no pictures for you here today. nope. none.

Hey Folks.

I've been sitting on this here computer for the entire day practically. You see, I don't have my drivers license and when you want your drivers license but you also want to be your own boss and take drivers ed online over the summer, it means you get to spend your entire day on the compy. Little do people realize that being your own boss doesn't mean setting your own hours - it means you get to be the boss for every single hour. No breaks.

Anyway. Today also consisted of the first hour of Amelie and a terrible headache along with the assemblage of notebooks for camp in which I am in charge of. There was a delivery of vintage for extra measure, as well as a pretty moon and lots of moon shadows.

I love moon shadows, but they're just so tricky and don't like to be photographed.


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