Saturday, June 4, 2011

better than buns

Last summer I discovered the high messy bun. Yep, I sure did hop on that bandwagon.
And I am still riding it. Messy buns have practically completed my life, because I never do my hair and its the most simple 'do that I can wear to school, to ballet, to church, to fancy things and to casual things. A winner all around, as you can see.

But this summer... I've discovered the Gaga bow.

did I ever tell you I've never dyed my hair in my entire life? fun fact.
 It's really not as versatile as the messy bun. At all. BUT it is nice to shake things up, and it's like wearing a headband without even wearing a headband. (...I do need to figure out a way to fix those fly-aways though.) Maybe next time I'll make you a tutorial. I've never done one of those before, it could be fun.

I hope your weekend is jolly! 
As for me, I am going to see Les Miserables tomorrow!!


Cody McWilliams said...

Um I'm pretty sure everyone will love you forever if you make a tutorial. PLEASE :)

batgirl251 said...

Please make a tutorial- I would love to wear my hair like this!