Monday, November 14, 2011

I suppose it's the holidays.

Let it be known that when I became re-obsessed with sequin skirts back in October 
(I say 're' because J.Crew sparked that fire a while ago with a certain killer bronze sequin skirt, which I still wish I'd gotten...)
they were virtually impossible to find. 

and I quote: "WAH, NO WHERE TO BE FOUND?" -Rosie
However now, mere weeks later, no need to worry because Ruche, Anthropologie, ModclothWHBM, Shopbop, Free People, J.Crew once again, and a gaggle of others have got your back. And I'm sitting here saying "What in the deuce? Where were these when I needed them!"

and I quote: "EEK, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!" -Rosie
Just in time for the Christmas wish-list I suppose

You're welcome.

POST EDIT: blaah, it's back! the one that started it all, the one I was just talking about above thinking all hope was lost, is back!

in case you were wondering: I got 'what in the deuce' from Mr. Rochester... why does he say that so much?

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Louise said...

there is a really sweet sequinned skirt in H&M (in europe at least) at the and perfectly sparkly, and about 30euros. a lot cheaper than j. crew! I'm kind of obsessed too...