Monday, October 15, 2012

have you seen this with your eyes yet!?

okay everyone, okay. i've been following the spring shows for what feels like forever now because they just keep coming, but nothing has filled my little girly-girl soul with more joy than Red Valentino's  Spring 2013 RTW collection. While I don't totally understand the Tiki Room backdrop, I certainly DO understand those delicious lacey layers!

i can only imagine how gorgeous those textiles are in real life, and i mean it in the nicest way ever when i say i want that black and orange plaid dress to be my halloween outfit (because i have to work halloween night this year, thumbs down. anyway...) and the daisy necklaces and the fluttery sleeved denim, i mean what more can i say!? and considering that Red is Valentino's lower priced line, maybe with some serious saving i can get me one of these beauts! woohoo!

XO Rosie

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