Thursday, October 18, 2012

the packing drama continues: nyc round three

good heavens dear friends!

i have to admit that i have serious struggles when it comes to choosing things to wear and even more serious struggles when those things have to be worn to new york city for round three of  teen vogue fashion u (about which you can read all sorts of things here.) now, i know last year i addressed this packing issue and thought i'd resolve that dilemma with sequin skirts, but, my friends, this year 'tis not so easily cured. indeed, it's taking much more than a single missing skirt to keep my wardrobe dissatisfied. so here we are where i thought maybe you'd like to come on a packing adventure-post with me, in case you too struggle with packing dilemmas when you're only days away from a big voyage. ta-da!

to start! the inspiration.

where we always start. this year, i'm feeling really under-the-weather when it comes to clothes and by that i mean i'm sick of everything. does that ever happen to you? i feel like it happens to me far too often for comfort. so indeed, with my trusty inspiration-hoard i've created an inspiration board...

it's a little bit of ultra-femme whimsy (as in sequin collars, polka dot pants, & floral hairpieces) all done up in a darker palette (like studded shoes, washed-up denim, & ruby lips) topped off with dorky art and literary references that i think are the bee's knees. (hollaback gatsby and that bit of hidden rococo architecture up top.) not to shabby for someone who is tired of all the clothes ever.

step two: the fantasy.

i hardly wanted to waste any time on this section because i'd rather get down to the nitty-gritty, as in
what i actually own, but hey i can't resist imagination shopping so here are three dream outfits that i
would love to have at-the-ready in my closet for this trip but don't. maybe next time. (or if you are
not me and are planning a trip, you could even get them!)

friday in nyc

sunday in nyc


monday in nyc

check out my polyvore here ps:  rosieindeed

grand finale: the reality.

this is the part where i get all a-huff. sure i could spend two hundred hours and two million dollars scouring stores and fabricating an entirely new wardrobe for this four day trip, but in actuality i have three days to prepare and maybe $30 to spare for things like a dang pair of hole-free black tights, so this preparation needs be snappy. however, you will just have to stay tuned for this part until apres trip!

and now that i have you all on the edge of your seats... see y'all soonish!
XO Rosie

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